Mission Statement

We aim to be an organization, which is renowned for producing high quality software solutions to bring about wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind.


STC Consultancy collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses.


STC Consultancy has over 6 years experience in industry with proven track record.


STC Consultancy can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.


We maintain our Mission that is "Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by creating partnership with our customers in a joyous environment for our people."

Outsourcing - Why Outsource to India

India is the world's second largest exporter of software, and is responsible for the management and technical talent for over 40 per cent of new start-ups in Silicon Valley. Technology services comes naturally to us and today IT services forms the one of the biggest contributor to the Indian GDP, especially from the services sector. To specifically point of the advantages of offshore outsourcing to India.


Cost Benefits: Organizations in developed economies have been able to attain significant cost savings, in most cases around 30-40 percent by outsourcing services to India. Our Infrastructure costs, talent costs and other operations costs are significantly lower and they get passed on to the clients in terms of low fixed costs or hourly billing rates.


Business Agility: Outsourcing your non-core IT projects and operational services makes a lot of economic sense not only because of costs but also because it allows you to free up your internal and local talent to focus on your market dynamics and be more adaptable and agile to respond to customer and market changes.


Quality Output: Offshore outsourcing companies like us, continue to invest in building a great talent pool and offering quality standards that would require huge capital investments to be done by the businesses otherwise. So what you get is internationally high quality output at a fraction of the cost.


Scalability: The market dynamics are ever changing and having an outsourcing partner with you allows you to scale up services and operations at much lower cost and in much less time.


Access to Knowledge: India has the largest English-speaking audience after the U.S. To add to that the constant thrust on new technology initiatives and investment in research and development, the outsourcing partners from India, bring to the table an unmatched access to expertise and knowledgebase