Mission Statement

We aim to be an organization, which is renowned for producing high quality software solutions to bring about wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind.


STC Consultancy collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses.


STC Consultancy has over 6 years experience in industry with proven track record.


STC Consultancy can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.


We maintain our Mission that is "Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by creating partnership with our customers in a joyous environment for our people."

About Us - Clients

We are associated with many organizations of excellent reputation whose combined skills help us in forging into a great force, which gives excellent scope for high quality services to our clients. We are dedicated to help businesses succeed by providing the latest technologies along with the brightest talents available to our business associates.

Any business association sustains only on the strength of the services provided to the clients to their utmost satisfaction. The large base of business associates and the clients speak of the trust the organizations have developed on us since a long time.

Some of the most successful companies and covers different area of business and technology.


These include:

  • Electronics
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Telecommunication